Glass Cutting Mosaic 4 Peice Kit
Glass Cutting Mosaic 4 Peice Kit
Glass Cutting Mosaic 4 Peice Kit
Glass Cutting Mosaic 4 Peice Kit

Glass Cutting Mosaic 4 Peice Kit

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  • The Mosaic Pliers Set features four essential tools specifically for mosaic projects. These tools are indispensable cutting, running, breaking, and shaping your glass.
  • Kit Includes, Glass Running, Breaking/Grozer Pliers, Glass Nippers, and Dry Glass Cutter
  • Curved Jaw Running Pliers with Adjustable Set Screw Controls the Amount of Pressure Applied, and rubber Tips
  • The Glass Nippers come with carbine cutting wheels are excellent for quickly small pieces of glass.

Running Pliers

Running Plier Jaws act as a fulcrum where pressure is applied evenly on both sides of a score line, running the score through the glass. Running pliers work best on straight cuts, do well on gentle curves too.

Breaking & Grozer Multipurpose Pliers

Glass Breaking Pliers are quality designed to help break glass along a score line or can be turned over and used a grozers to nibble glass away from the edges.

Glass & Tile Nippers

Nippers with carbide wheel blades are great for cutting glass and ceramic tile upto 3/8" thick. Control where to break with the well-designed edges.

Dry Glass Cutter

Make straight and intricate cuts with a dry glass cutter. Comes with 6 blades and solid wooden handle.

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